ZoomPanel to OneOpinion FAQ

Why did you combine ZoomPanel with OneOpinion?

We love our members, and that’s why we want to give you the best survey experience. Our goal has always been to make it easy to share opinions and earn rewards. We understand that our members want to have the most survey opportunities and reward options available. By combining ZoomPanel and OneOpinion, we will simplify the survey experience while offering members more surveys, new cash out options and simplified account management.

All of your ZoomPanel account information, including your total points balance, survey and reward history and open orders, will be automatically available to you in a new OneOpinion account.

What happened to the points I’ve earned in ZoomPanel?

Your points are safe and secure in your new OneOpinion account, and you’ll be able to redeem them for rewards as usual.

Will I be able to view my ZoomPanel survey and reward history?

Yes, all of your survey and reward history from ZoomPanel will be available to you at OneOpinion.

Will I still have the same amount of survey opportunities?

Yes, and possibly even more!

What will happen to my open orders in ZoomPanel?

All of your open orders in ZoomPanel will be delivered as normal. You will be able to access your ZoomPanel reward history in OneOpinion and track your open order details there.

How do I access my new OneOpinion account?

Your ZoomPanel account balance, survey and reward history and all open orders are available at OneOpinion. Simply log into the OneOpinion website using your ZoomPanel email address and password. Once logged into OneOpinion, you can access your account, redeem your points and find surveys.

What happens if I already have a OneOpinion account?

Good news, you’re one step ahead if you use the same email address for both accounts. All of your ZoomPanel account information, including your points balance, reward and survey history and open orders, will be automatically available to you in your existing OneOpinion account. You will simply sign in to your OneOpinion account as usual, and your ZoomPanel account information will be available*

*If you use a different email address for your ZoomPanel account and existing OneOpinion account, your ZoomPanel account was transferred to a NEW OneOpinion account. Have no fear! The OneOpinion Member Care team can consolidate your existing OneOpinion account and your new OneOpinion account.

Will the ZoomPanel website go away?

Yes, eventually. For now, ZoomPanel will redirect you to OneOpinion. You'll save time by going directly to www.oneopinion.com to sign in.

How is OneOpinion different from ZoomPanel?

The two survey sites look different, but operate the same way. You will still earn points for taking surveys. OneOpinion will provide more survey opportunities, additional reward options, such as PayPal cash, and more ways to connect with us. And, you’ll still receive the same great member service you did as a ZoomPanel member.